Philosophy 文书写作



Philosophy First Paper Questions

AnswerONE of the following. Use no more than 6 double-spaced pages; no excessivelylarge or small fonts.

(1)Of course, one might reject Marcuse's argument in "Repressive Tolerance" simplybecause one is not on the political left, or because one is a more doubtingleftist than is Marcuse himself. Are there any (other) good reasons to rejecthis argument?


(2)How,as a social, psychological, or historical matter, do you think Rationalism inpolitics became ascendant? What, if anything, might occasion itsdecline?


(3)How persuasive is Marx's claim that political emancipation, rather thansufficing for human emancipation, might instead stand in itsway?


(4)Compare Marx's depiction of "man" in a capitalist society with his depiction of"man" in a communist society. How realistic are thesedepictions?




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