计算机专业个人陈述样本 (Computer Science Personal Statement)


Computer Science Personal Statement

My motivation to study computer science extends further than my basic interest in technology. For me computing, both innovative and exciting, is a profession offering unlimited boundaries.

Computing changed from being more than a hobby when I started at DLD College in 1996. DLD was the first educational establishment I had attended that offered a full-time Computing course, enabling me to take this A-Level a year early in 1997. The principal invited me to head a specialist computer course for some staff members and pupils, which I found rewarding and proved very successful. Other activities I participated in at the college included being a founder member of the student committee, editor of the student newspaper and goalkeeper for the 1sts.

Outside of college, I created centralperk.com, a website dedicated to the Friends TV show which received over 500,000 visitors per month. The popularity of the site earned me a place in the 1997 UK Web awards held at BAFTA in London. It was at the awards that I was approached by Online Magic, the UK's leading web agency, and started to work for them during breaks from college. Through this, I gained extremely valuable commercial exposure to clients such as British Airways, Economist, Channel 4 and Decca Records.

In 1997 I embarked on building an online sign language tutorial, called SignHear, as part of the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge. The site provided 200 basic signs and the alphabet. To date, the site has received over 2 million visitors and its success was officially recognized in 1999 by the judges at ThinkQuest. Along with teammates from the UK and USA, I was invited to the award ceremony in Los Angeles and presented with a $20,000 prize by Marlee Matlin, an Oscar winning hearing-impaired actress. It was an uplifting experience for me to witness the life enhancing contribution that technology can make.

With the fast pace at which the Internet and surrounding technologies were developing during 1998, I decided to take a gap year in industry before starting a Computer Science course at university. My gap year began when I commenced full-time employment with Online Magic, which continued until October 1998. I was then headhunted by Traxdata and joined their team as an Information Architect.

Despite my age and lack of commercial experience, within a year of joining Traxdata I was promoted to Head of IT/Internet for their European operations. This meant responsibility for a network with over 300 users across 5 countries as well as directly managing five members of staff. Other responsibilities included running our live, in-house Internet servers that coped with over 250,000 visitors per month and supporting the marketing team with custom CD-ROMs, presentations and field demonstrations. At Traxdata my 'gap year' turned into four amazing years that gave me the opportunity to travel and work in countries across three different continents. I also gained invaluable experience on both technological and human levels.

On a lighter note, I recently created my own online diary, inkiboo.com, which so far has had over 11,000 visitors from all over the world. I am also a sound engineer/manager for a rock band consisting of students from both Imperial College and UCL. These close friends were also a great comfort and support to me when my mother died from cancer in March last year. This started my involvement with the local division of the Macmillan Nurses where I help with computer training and support.

Although I would not have passed on the last four years, I now realize the value that a degree affords in underpinning the foundations of computer technology. I believe I have grown in both confidence and maturity and if given the opportunity of a place at university, I will be fully committed to successfully completing a degree course.



I'm most interested in going to England for a Computer Science degree because of the extraordinary learning possibilities that being in a new environment can provide, as well as being the most personally and educationally rewarding. Attending university in England would give me the type of challenge I desire. Coming to this conclusion after spending a short vacation in Manchester, I noticed how the English system tends to be more focused and intensive on the specific subject being studied. Having courses that were superfluous was the reason for a lack of enthusiasm with my past education, I often found that I would finish coursework in school ahead of schedule and wouldn't be allowed to advance beyond other students. My past education has been unconventional in that I've had private, public, and home schooling. As a home studies student I had to maintain self discipline to accomplish my goals and achieve my GED at 16. In public school I was placed in advanced classes and given a heavier workload. One year my teacher chose me to tutor students with learning disabilities, something which required patience and adaptive skills.

My attraction to computers and technology at an early age has continued. Although not academically trained, I have taught myself to analyze practical problems and evolve workable solutions. This ability demonstrates my determination to see the problem through and in doing so enhance my competency in using multiple computing platforms such as Windows and Linux. Working on my own I discovered a major security flaw in Microsoft Office Online which saved the company from suffering a large loss in user data as well as avoiding bad publicity. This self development of computer skills was complimented by the foundations of a liberal education given to me by my grandfather, a college professor for over 40 years.

I have learned to work well on cooperative projects. Recently I was a member of a team which completed a website involving thousands of items for a large online retailer. I enjoyed brainstorming and debating, then making and applying an actual solution. Most rewarding to me is the thrill I get when applying what I've learned to create and finish a project. Starting something, seeing it through to gestation, and have it come alive benefiting others is what I most enjoy.
Computer Science Personal Statement

I realise Computer Science is at the cutting edge of the technological revolution, and that computers are becoming a vital tool for industries and households alike. Computers are relevant to a vast majority of people across the world, and I aim to be at the forefront of this revolution, improving people’s lives through speech recognition, neural communications or similar areas.

My computer experience includes constructing a Web Site, producing a monthly Newsletter for my local choir, and also a week’s work experience with Swanlind, an advertising firm that creates Web Sites and promotional videos for big-name companies. During this time, I redesigned the promotional leaflets used by the company itself. My GCSE Design and Technology project involved a logic-based electronic system to control light signals for a model railway.

I have been a member of my local Parish Church Choir for over ten years, during which time we have been a visiting choir to many Cathedrals during the summer breaks, and have toured Paris. It is renowned for being one of the few ‘male only’ parish church choirs left in the country which is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music. Recently it has recorded a service for Palm Sunday for the BBC World Service, and this November performs for the second occasion this decade in Birmingham Symphony Hall’s Festival of Remembrance. I also sing in the School Choir and the ‘Choral Society’, and have passed my Associated Board Grade VIII Singing exam with Merit.

In 1998 I won the City of Birmingham’s Choir’s ‘Write a Carol for Christmas’ competition, and this year the (London) Bach Choir’s ‘Write a Carol for Christmas’ competition. The two carols written for these competitions were performed in the choirs’ Family Christmas Concerts in Symphony Hall and the Royal Albert Hall respectively.

This year I am the School Organist, and have also passed my Grade VII Piano.

I am a member of my School’s Senior Athletics team, competing in the Triple Jump and Sprints, or running the scoring system at meetings, using a custom-built computer program. I play table tennis in my spare time, and have played rugby for the school.

I have been to Germany on many occasions, most notably on the school German Exchange to Wiesbaden, but also with my Father’s scout group, which stays in a youth hostel belonging to family friends. On these trips, I have had the opportunity to practice my Language skills, and would like to further them wherever possible.

I hope that after University I can progress and gain a worthwhile job in the computing world, either in Britain or abroad. Gaining a degree is to me the best way to further my learning and I hope that my interest in technology will enable me to get the best out of the course.


  I have the honor to present a brief introduction of myself to you in compliance with the requirements of your graduate admission.
   I was born on november 7th, 1966, at the town of changing, beijing. my parents are doing business and farming. i have one elder sister, one younger sister, and two younger brothers. the family is in a well-to-do country with harmonized atmosphere.

  After my elementary and junior high school education at my hometown, i went on my senior high school education at a public vocational technical high school at the neighboring county fangshan. courses i have taken there include: mechanical structure, applied mechanical dynamics, material strength, heat treatment analysis, and electrical engineering. i also had practice courses on lathe work, bench work, casting, engineering drawing, and electronic television repair skill. after graduation from this technical school, i found a job at the evergreen traffic corp. when i had worked one year in mechanical design and heat treatment analysis, i was admitted to the computer science department of beijing institute of technologies.

  Computer science education was an extension of my pursuit in electronic knowledge, it had led me into the world of applied electronics. courses i had taken are: calculus, computer programming (fortran, cobol, assembly, and basic), computer architecture, algorithm, maintenance, system analysis, and some related courses in accounting, statistics, operating research, digital value analysis.

  Beginning at the second year of college, i participated in a work study program and was assigned to the computer center of far east textile corp. as night-shift computer operator, the computers i dealt with were cdc 3300 msos and ibm 370-115 dos/vs system. the major work i had done was the system transference of cdc 3300: msos to ibm 370-115 dos/vs.

  In 1989, i was employed by china automobile corp. as a computer programmer, and was informed to work on the first of june.

  For the first six months of my service, i was in charge of the ibm 4331; dos/ vse system operation, and later on dealt with personnel / payroll and financing system programming works. in the second year, i was promoted to be a system analyst for personnel/ payroll system. in an attempt to upgrade the efficiency of computer data process and to simplify users operating procedures, i redesigned the whole working system and i successfully transferred a batch operation from oriented system to on-line system. in the third year, i spent five months in the developing of subsystem of financing-accounting. no sooner had i finished that system than i was reassigned as a subsystem programmer in charge of dos / vse, cics, and vtam. at that position i have full responsibility for affairs of technical transition, system development, recruit training, and network communications.

  With the elapse of time and the accumulation of experiences, i am now familiar with all of the popular computer languages: fortran, cobol, assembly, and basic. other than these languages, i have also learned and practiced in planning, designing, and analyzing of the following computer applications: dl/ 1, data base, on-line (cics, bms), data communication network (acf/ vtam / ncp), vm, dos / vse operating system: personnel / payroll, accounting application system and etc.. for these achievements i owe a great deal to china information association since i have taken almost every training course they have offered.

  With the ever-increasing level of my work, i am feeling strongly that the theoretical study and actual practice are equally important and dependent on each other. though i personally possess many years of experiences in actual practices, there is always need for me to extend my existing theoretical basis for future research. my love for computer sciences and my inquisitiveness had pushed me to apply for your graduate school admission, and i have decided . should i be accepted by you, i will concentrate on the field of net-work-data-communication, then make a breakthrough on my current ways of thinking in computer related research and development. finally, i expect that i, myself, as one member of today's world of computer domain, i should strive to offer my best professional computer service to our society.



Computer Science Personal Statement

Computing and its applications have always fascinated me and for this reason I have found my A-level courses extremely interesting. This also has maintained my long-term interest in computer-related careers.

I have studied mathematics, physics and computing to A-level and also during the first year at Hills Road Sixth Form College I re-took my GCSE English. Last year and this year I have been improving my self-learning, and developing many skills with the help of the key skills qualifications and A-level General Studies.

My sincerest desire is to become a computer scientist. Specifically, I am interested in exploring how problems can be modeled and solved using artificial intelligence. I also want to learn about human cognition and machine intelligence. I have been studying the online debate over whether machines will ever become "intelligent" given the current course of research and reading about such issues as whether a machine can acquire "common sense" (as discussed in Hubert Dreyfus's book “What Computers Still Can't Do”). I have been exploring many different areas within the domain of artificial intelligence (such as neural networks, genetic algorithms, and natural language processing). The bottom line is that I want to be a part of this exciting field.

Over the summer I traveled to Russia, and thoroughly enjoyed exploring a very different part of the world.

My other interests include current affairs and sports, such as football, tennis and general fitness. Ever since the start of sixth form I have been a successful member of the college football team. I have played basketball as an enrichment activity because it was a new sport to me at the beginning of sixth form. I also participated in a 5-a-side indoor football tournament at the college. In addition to pursuing my academic studies I would like to continue some of these sports at university.
I find the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Games Physics interesting and so I have decided to study a course to include these areas. I am currently studying an A level in Information Technology in which I have used Visual Basic in Microsoft Excel and Access. At home I have used the actionscript language in Macromedia Flash to build an interactive personal website. I found this aspect of computing very interesting and so I will really enjoy programming in C++ and other programming languages. I am also studying an A level in Mathematics that I really enjoy. This would be useful for many parts of the course such as games physics.
When I’ve played computer games in the past I have always wanted to be able to create something similar. Consequently, the computer games programming course stood out as something that I really wanted to do. I have used some software programs such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Softimage|XSI ESP 3.0, Discreet 3DS MAX 5 (evaluation version) and Maya Personal Learning Edition. I would like to see people’s enjoyment when playing a game, knowing that I took part in producing it.I have emailed a few programming companies such as Valve Software, id software, Lionsoft, Electronic Arts and Codemasters explaining my situation and asking whether it would be better to take a games programming course or a software development course and learn game specific items afterwards or in my spare time. All of the replies advised me to take the computer games programming course as this way I would already possess the games programming knowledge.Undertaking my work experience as a sales assistant in a computer store allowed me to develop skills such as working in a team and dealing with customers. Although I was working with others a lot of the time, I also had to work independently. This allowed me to use my own initiative and solve problems.Whilst attending Sutton High Sports College, I have done a large amount of voluntary work. During years 10 and 11, I helped with the schools open days and sports days where I did scoring. I also took part in after school activities such as playing music. Outside of school I have helped at “Darby and Joan’s” which is for old aged pensioners where they can get together for company, and to talk and play bingo. Year 12 saw me helping with the year 6 induction day, and assisting with scoring on both the school’s open day and the St. Helens Athletic Finals. Participation in a first aid course gained me a certificate in “Emergency Aid in the workplace for Appointed Persons.” This involved areas such as resuscitation and control of bleeding.Hobbies and interests include reading books; the genres preferred being science fiction and horror. I also like playing piano of which I am currently working towards grade 8, and I have played “The Skaters’ Waltz” at Parr Hall (a concert hall) in Warrington. I enjoy using my computer for playing games, including playing games online, and for using the internet to keep up to date with current news in the computing and gaming world, new hardware and software releases.My interests cover a wide area, which I believe will help me in both academic and social life at university.
 My aim is to become a computer games programmer developing any type of game for PC or console, and I believe that a university course will help me achieve my goal.

From an early age I’ve always been deeply interested in computing. It was my dad, introducing me to the computer systems at his work place that first sparked this interest. I can always remember the feeling of wanting to know just how computers worked, why they worked and what else they could do.
This interest never left me, only growing more profound and passionate with every new discovery I made. From communicating with an artificial intelligence to seeing the wonders of the Internet for the first time, computers have left me fascinated with just how much power yet mystery they hold.The A-Levels I chose to study have all helped me to develop both myself and my understanding of the subject. Physics for example has helped me to understand how certain parts of a computer function, while Computing has given me a greater insight into the business aspects of the computer industry.www.daixieps.com
Chemistry and Physics have both helped to improve my analytical and evaluative skills. Within maths I have been lucky enough to have a teacher who was very interested in computer science. He has been especially helpful, lending me books such as G?del, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid. This has given me an insight into the richness that is computer science.My interest in computing has not been restricted to the classroom and college life. Within the last twelve months I’ve used the knowledge that I’ve gained over the past twelve years together with the help of my family to set up my own computer related business. This has given me a totally new perspective on how certain things function, and how business operates. The writing of a business plan was a totally alien experience for me, but over the course of 9 months I researched and planned, and finally when the plan was complete I was rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing that I had completed something that most people would never have the chance to do especially at my age.
 Through the setting up of the company and its subsequent running I have learnt many things. These include how to balance tasks effectively, how critical teamwork can be and how to delegate tasks to get the job done quickly and efficiently.As well as spending time both studying and helping to run the business I understand the importance of having time to relax. One of my hobbies that I try to make time for is learning to fly, and gaining my private pilots license. As a child I dreamed of becoming a pilot and luckily its one dream that I’ve managed to follow. I love the freedom that flying gives you and the control that you have when in the air. Training for my private pilots license (PPL) has also involved me taking onboard a lot of responsibility for the safety of those onboard, and those around the aircraft. From ensuring that I carry out the pre-flight checks correctly, and knowing what’s around you both while you’re on the ground and in the air to ensuring that I’m prepared for any eventuality.
 I also enjoy both playing and watching tennis. I’ve played in various competitions before, and have helped to umpire junior matches at my club. To ensure that I can fit everything in I’ve had to develop very good time management, prioritising what I need to do efficiently.I’m looking forward with great anticipation to the challenges that studying for a degree in computer science will bring.

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